Friday, June 10, 2016

My wife and I went to Cancun and rented crappy snorkel gear.  We have vowed that we will have our our gear for the next trip.  I like this design and look forward to using it in the ocean.  I have tried it in the pool and it fits very nice.  I received this product for a discount/free in exchange for my honest opinion.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Got rid of Cable and were using the old fashion "Rabbit Ears".  The reception was bad and I still had to add tinfoil to get the additional channels.   This new ViewTV antenna is fantastic, I got all the channels in HD. with out the hassle of tinfoil.  #tvantenna

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I am grateful for these gloves!  I love to BBQ and just the other day I got some metal skewers for kabobs and I really like them but piking them up with tongs is near impossible.  These gloves were the trick. No burnt fingers and extra grip.  My only complaint is that the inside cotton stitching was poorly done and had holes that my fingers slide through.   I received this product for free in exchange for my unbiased and honest opinion.  #AYLCookingGlove

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Been a long time

So over the next few weeks I plan to update our blog with short stories and pics over the last 5 years.  Trip to Hawaii, East Coast, and many others.  We even had a baby boy.  Keep you posted!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Coming Soon

Cambodia, Ankor Temple

We went to the 8th Wonder of the World Ankor Temples. They were absolutely beautiful but I only have 10 mins left so I will add text later, you can just enjoy the pics.

Ko Samui

After many days in Krabi we decided to jump over to the other side of Thailand and visit the main know islands, Ko Samui was first on our list. To tell you the truth it was not as fun (by fun I mean sunny) therefore we stayed indoors alot because of the Monsoons. But when we did get sun we rented a scooter and toured the Island.

We found a beautiful waterfall which is the size we were looking for, something with a swimming lagoon and even some cliffs for Kelsey to
 Jump off of.

We even got to see the famous "Grandfathers Rock"
and I could not resist.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our Freakish Friends

The title is because of our new friends that we met on our Rock climbing adventure. They are from California and are Professional Entertainers. Now I know what your thinking, "Hot Strippers" well not strippers but they were hot. "Professional Fire dancers" We look forward to visiting them one day but on with the story.

We decided that we must go rock climbing because Krabi where we are at is the worlds mecca for Climbers. Over 700 runs in lest than a 1/2 a mile. And all over the most beautiful scenery. Kelsey of course did a full day and I was planning a half day which was a wise decision on my part because after 5 climbs of 50 feet I was shaking. Kelsey on the other hand was looking for more. We were stationed on Railey East which had another 30 climbers and I stayed to that. Kelsey after the morning climb went off with her guide and a few others to try another wall or so I thought. They actually went spelunking in a cave and ended up on the other side of the mountain and repelled 60 ft down to the next beach.

After lunch I was done and her group went to another mountain. I decided to explore more over the area.

There is a the most beautiful beach on the south tip that had monkey's and caves and powder white sand, and crystal water. I will let the pictures speak for them selves.

We finished the night with our new fiend and the Rock bar which was featuring a fire dancer. He was ok but luckily, like professional Erin had brought her "poie balls" with her and asked if she could give as a show. She was AMAZING and her husband showed us how to properly EAT fire. The night ended late and we took a midnight boat ride back to our beach. It was a good day!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Day, New Adventure.

We had found a nice beach but the place we were staying was not. We had a bad experience with the staff when we first arrived. They came to pick us up at the main downtown site and we got in and they said we are still waiting for one more person, then as we waited they continued to walk the streets handing out brochures and trying to persuade people to get in. This made me a little questionable about the place we were going. I gave they a look, WHEN. They got the clue and jumped in we drove slowly so they could continue calling out the any white person around, and then we went to some side street and the ladies said just 5 minutes and left. 25 minutes later the 2 ladies and the driver were still MIA and we just got out and left, finding our own way there. Making a long story short, too late, we found out that the pick up was some of the staff at the place we were staying and I told the manager I was upset for being left, he said he would do something about it but every time I got close to him he would turn and walk away to avoid me. So we left early the next day to another bungalow, which was another story.

Bed Bugs! Yes I slept with bed bug and got eaten all night. Their are more details but the picture will suffice.

We then broke out of our budget to get a nice place for a night or two. We found it just a couple of doors down. It was the place that we had been eating almost everyday. Good found and a fun staff. We had the place to ourselves because it was still being built. We even had a beach side pool. This is the view from our room. YEAH.

Unfortunately the weather did not work for us that next day but it was ok because we spent the day watching movies that were still in the theaters. Thanks Black Market! The day before though we did rent a scooter and drove the Island (P.S. we were on the Island of Ko Lanta) I got lost and had a flat tire but things ended up working out. We went to the south of the Island to hike to a waterfall the was on the map. It was a short 30 min hike through a fresh water stream which was perfect temp. and found a cave which I started to go into but quickly turned around for fear that I would not survive the next corner. We even saw our first elephant up close. (elephant poo is huge) When we got there we found a tiny rush of water over the rocks but that was ok by us we jumped right in to cool off, which was nice.

After 4 nights in Ko Lanta we travelled to Krabi and the beach of Ao Nang which has been very nice. We arrived on Wed. the 12th which happens to be the annual Lovers Festival (Nude people everywhere) no just kidding, it was actually very nice. Couple would first have to buy a floating flower arrangement, which meant negotiating the cost of our love, I thought it was only worth 50 baht ($1.70) but the women selling thought is should be 150 baht ($4.50) we disagree and the price settled at 80 baht ($2.40). We would then light the candle that would blow out within 1 min. and light the incense and send it out to sea. If the sea took it out then your relationship would have good luck if it came back to shore then you would have bad luck. Ours held true and went faithfully out to sea. Not the same with the balloon. Same concept but with a waxed paper candle attached to a tissue paper balloon. Ours first almost caught fire which must equal our burning passion for one another or symbolize Kelsey's burning rage when she is mad, one or the other, I can't tell. Then as it took flight it hit a few trees (we know there are always obstacles to overcome) and then it finally took and went higher and farther then most other balloons (so we like to believe).

The next day we (mostly my desire) got to go scuba diving at Ko Phi Phi, which is where "The Beach" was filmed. That beach is not so empty now. There were close to 50 boats and tons of people there, we went diving on the outside of the lagoon. I loved it. Kelsey not so much, but she did both dives, the trooper. And she didn't have to throw up till after it all. Too bad we spent $1.50 on that only baked potato we found so far and now its in the ocean. We saw Moray eels and scorpion fish and all different kinds of bright colored fish. I got down to 13 meters which I was not supposed to, I was proud of myself. All in all I had a blast and Kelsey Survived never to dive again.

We are going over to Rai Ley Beach today which is said to be on of the most beautiful in all of Thailand. We will see.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Finally the Beach

After the time in Malaka we decided to jump a bus to the north of Malasia to the Island of Penang, to the town of Batu Ferringhi, which is the north side of the island. And we found beautiful beaches and warm (85 degree) water.
The ride thier was alittle long but the views were unbelieveable.

We have been spending our days on the sand so there is not much to say but we got burned. Alaskan are not ment to spent 15min on the beach. A day and a bottle of Aloe Vera latter I feel good but I can't say the same for Kelsey. We will survive.

Yesterday, we found a beach all to ourselves and just soaked it all in.

Some of the many random things, I went jogging on the beach in the morning and saw that is were the dogs go to die, I saw a guy draging a dead dog across the beach to the trash and then saw about 5 other dogs on the verg of death. Well it is a beautiful place to die.

The Before and After Pics of Kelsey's Tan